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Location Sound Podcast

Oct 20, 2023

Michael Reed, based out of Orlando, Florida, does production sound, post audio mixing and live sound. He’s worked on projects like Burt Reynolds: The Last Interview, Screwball(2018) and Movie Money Confidential. Michael uses the Sound Devices MixPre-10T, Audio Limited A10 wireless, a Lectrosonics DSR4 wireless receiver, DBSM and DBSMD transmitters and Sanken COS11-d lavs. He also uses Sennheiser G4s for camera hops, Comtek IFBs, Sennheiser 416 and Audio Technica 4053b shotgun mics, as well as Denecke JB-1 timecode sync boxes. Find out more at

Each episode we talk with location sound mixers, boom ops and other industry pros about the various aspects of recording sound on-location for feature and independent films, TV commercials, interviews, anytime where dialog from actors is recorded. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting out, this podcast is packed with great stories and lessons about recording on-location.